Chem or chemical film refers to a class of extremely durable sealant coatings for use on metal surfaces. These coatings adhere to surfaces and help to protect them against corrosion.

Type 2 Chemical Film in Daytona Beach

In spite of the proliferation of finishing techniques and options available on the market today, this is the most common finishing technique out there by far. It’s a procedure that brings a lot of benefits, especially when used in conjunction with other complementary techniques. Working together, these are especially useful in various industrial applications.

For those interested in Type 2 Chemical Film in Daytona Beach, the benefits of this technique are numerous. Firstly, it addresses chemical film compositions without any need for hexavalent chromium, making the entire process simpler.

This film is also typically colorless and has largely become the standard in many industries. Hexavalent chromium usually switches out with other relevant chemicals, such as titanium or zirconium.

Type 2 Chemical Film uses chemical conversion to create a coating that passivates aluminum. This protects the aluminum it coats from corrosion, serving as a base for organic coatings as well. One of the big benefits of this is that it will leave the dimensions of your part as is, while still giving you the base you need to apply paint or other coatings.

With a chem film application, the process is carried out by dipping, spraying or brushing the component in the material. Something you may not know is that it can also help repair minor damage along any anodized surface. By using the coating in this way, you can achieve some impressive results, but the finish is largely dependent on the condition of the aluminum itself.

The Coater offers expert chemical film coating services for use in the treatment of specific metals. Visit us today for more on these and other metal treatment services to help protect your metal services with Type 2 Chemical Film in Daytona Beach.