Sealant coatings are important in the metal treatment industry, and that’s understating it. Lending long lasting protection to the surfaces in our homes, furniture, and mechanical parts, this is the most reliable way to protect your metal components.

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Type 1 Chemical Film in Daytona Beach

Type 1 Chemical Film coating is one of the more traditional options in chemical film treatment. In years before, professionals referred to this as chromate conversion. For a long time, this was the standard recipe in chemical film treatment of this type and, while it isn’t the only option anymore, many industries still use it.

The chemical film is a durable and inexpensive coating that seals by adhering to a metal surface and protecting it from corrosion. Finishing techniques for products vary, but chemical film coating is the most common procedure.

Chem film, as it’s more commonly known, benefits metal owners with improved corrosion control. This is a significant technical challenge, especially with lightweight metal alloys.

This coating also prevents aluminum oxidation through anodizing or clear coating. There are different approaches, at varying levels of usefulness, but the most economical way to prevent aluminum oxidation is usually via a clear coat. The benefits, especially when combined with other finishing techniques and different industrial applications, are huge for preserving metal.

Chemical film coatings, or chemical conversion coating, will result in different colors and finishes, depending on the treatment process. The darker the color of the treatment, the stronger the film coating.

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