Everyone should be familiar with the traditional liquid painting process. You go to your local hardware store and purchase a few gallons, depending on what you’re painting. A brush, pan and a drop cloth for the mess, and you’re ready to get going. 

But what if there was a more efficient, environmentally-friendly process? Well, there actually is. It’s the better alternative of powder coating, and it’s gaining in popularity.

Powder Coating vs. Liquid Paint

There are several reasons to consider powder coating for a project, whether minor or major.

  • Environmental (Eco-Friendly) Benefits:

Traditional liquid painting leaves what is called VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. This means gases are emitted during the paint process, all of which leave short and long-term vapors in the painted and surrounding areas. Some people are highly susceptible to these gases, causing, at minimum, lung damage. 

According to the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), powder coatings are solvent-free and contain no hazardous waste.

  • Economic Benefits:

Surprisingly, liquid paint only touches and absorbs 35% of the substrate, or the layer under the product that is being painted. Powder coating, meanwhile, absorbs a whopping average of 95%. In addition, if there is any overspray from liquid paint, it must be disposed of properly and is considered hazardous waste.

  • All ‘Round Superior Product:

For many reasons, choosing powder coating will give you a much more superior application. While applying liquid painting, it’s not uncommon to have to apply several coats. Powder coating will only require one coat and will be done in an even pattern, all the way to the edge. The thickness of the powder coating product is at least twice as thick as any liquid paint covering.
It’s easy to see why powder coating is often considered the better alternative to conventional liquid paint projects. For more on the process, contact the experts at Decorative Electro Coatings, today!

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