Florida offers many beautiful sunny and warm days to spend enjoying your patio furniture. So many, in fact, that our northern friends remain quite jealous, especially during the winter months. Although the weather makes us the envy of most of the other 49 states, there are a few drawbacks we must discuss. 

The Benefits Of Sandblasting

Anyone living on or close to the coast knows, first hand, what the sea salt and constant breezes can do. Cars and all outside furnishings take the brunt of the year round salt and sea elements. Maybe you noticed, during spring or fall cleaning, your patio furniture isn’t looking quite as appealing as it once did. Never fear: there are ways to reclaim the look. 

Sandblasting is one of the very best methods of refinishing your metal patio furniture. Sandblasting is a simple process which propels a stream of abrasive materials, such as grit or sand, out of a high-pressure nozzle. The force of the stream allows the object to be smoothed, shaped, or become contaminant free. Its effect is much like using sandpaper, but in much less time. Although there are many other processes for refinishing, this is the most common and warranted by the professionals. 

When sandblasting is done professionally, it will bring your items back to their original pristine state before the dirt, salt and sand got to them. Additionally, the better the sandblasting is done, the better and longer the paint adheres to the furniture. You could even think about buying those great chairs you saw on marketplace and get them done too. Think about the money you’ll save by buying new. 

Not only can you have your patio furniture sandblasted, but your car rims as well. So many items can be sandblasted you probably didn’t even think about. Contact the professionals at Decorative Electro Coatings to find out more, today.

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