The everyday painstaking adult tasks are no fun, and making decisions can be the worst. With pressure from all angles, whether you’re buying a house or deciding on dinner, it’s the rare easy decisions that make life as a grown-up worthwhile. 

Choosing between powder coating and sandblasting shouldn’t be some hectic decision you hate making.  Today, we will be discussing sandblasting and powder coating benefits, in order to make these processes easier to decipher. Within this article, we’ll be delving further into the process, in order to truly lock down the benefits of both processes, and perhaps highlight which works better for you. 

The Basics

Sandblasting consists of four basic items: the air source, the sandblasting cabinet, the dust collector and the blasting media. This process has been successfully used for many hundreds of years, so you could say it’s a tried and true process. The material used in sandblasting doesn’t always have to be sand. Other materials can be utilized in the process to achieve the same outcome. This is why the process has become alternatively known as “media blasting” in recent years, as it can include many different medias other than sand.

Sand Blasting Benefits

This process is, without exception, the most efficient technique for removing rust on metal surfaces. The easy preparation is a two-for, cleaning object and getting dirt and contaminants off, making way for coatings to adhere better. So too is the quick and easy clean-up, and we can all benefit from this saved time. The process also frees the finished product of rust once the metal is exposed to air. 

Now let’s turn our attention to the powder coating process.

Powder coating, in general, is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. This differs from most other comparable techniques through the way it is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. You probably didn’t know that all metal items with an electrostatic charge able to withstand 400° F can be powder coated.

Powder Coating Benefits

One may choose powder coating over sandblasting due to its many advantages to the environment and pocketbook. If you’re a tree hugger, you’ll bask in the knowledge that it emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

Aside from this fact, the overspray can be recycled, using nearly 100% of the material. The thick coating quality is unmatched in the market and the project calls for any sort of specialty effect, this is a must. Last, but not least, the start-up and operating costs are much lower than its counterparts. 

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