Looking for anodizing in Daytona Beach? This being one of the most popular options in the metal coating industry, it’s not surprising. A simple electrochemical process for creating a protective coating on the surface of the aluminum, the aluminum oxide coating created by anodizing is durable and resistant to wear.

The anodizer will submerge metal pieces of any shape or size in a solution of electrolytes with a cathode. A current passes through this solution and the process releases hydrogen from the cathode. This leads to oxygen forming on the anode surface, growing a metal oxide film on the surface of the part. The result, to speak simply, is a gorgeous, finished coating in the anodized style we all love.

Anodizing in Daytona Beach

Anodized coatings are weather-resistant and extremely effective at protecting the base metal. What’s more, they look great as well. Metal parts after this process are often colored with various dyes for a colorful finish or even a simple bronzed tone via diffraction phenomena. In recent years, this has become an extremely popular option in industries from construction to custom metal work.

The coating is integral to the actual metal itself, growing from the base aluminum metal during the process. The coating’s structure takes the form of tiny hexagonal pores, each filled with a hydrolyzing seal to fill them with inert aluminum oxide. The end result is a finish that, unlike a paint job or vinyl, will not peel or flake.

When it comes to a metal finish, what you need is a service that looks great but lasts long enough to make it worth your time. Therefore, it should go without saying that the finish shouldn’t compromise the integrity of your metal, either. For expert anodizing in Daytona Beach, visit the Coater today. For pieces up to 28 ft in size and a hoist and racking system for better, more efficient results, we are the industry standard. Coat and protect pieces for use in everything from architecture to extrusions and small brackets, with us!