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From anodizing to powder coating and sandblasting, Decorative Electro Coatings, Inc. provides high-quality coating and professional customer services you can rely on.


Accommodations for pieces up to 28 ft. Equipped with a hoist and racking system. Can satisfy pieces ranging from architectural railing to aluminum extrusions to small aluminum brackets.


A range of colors that stay bright and vibrant longer. Durable quality finishes including flat, satin, textured, etc. Available on virtually any type of metal!


Remove salt build up, rust, mildew, dust and more! Refinish patio furniture or car rims. Perfect solution for removing old paint and corrosion from all types of metal surfaces.

About Us

  Established in 1999, Decorative Electro Coatings, Inc. has earned an esteemed reputation for its exceptional quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. We offer our customers over 40 years experience in providing quality metal finishing services and customer satisfaction. Currently, the company offers more than 18 processes including, but not limited to: A 28 ft. Anodize line, Anodize Type II (all colors) and III, Hardcoat Class I and II, 30′ Powder Coat Line, Sandblasting, Passivation, Chromate Conversion Coating, Manganese Phosphate and Black Oxide. Our Hardcoat line is among the best in Central Florida and has been acknowledged with numerous acclamations. We maintain an in-house library of military, federal, aerospace, and commercial specifications and have received quality approvals from OEM’s and major government contractors.

 *Approved Vendor for Companies like:

B/E Aerospace, Hydro Aluminum, Avalex Technologies, TropiCasual, Magga Products

   *Federal Firearms License*


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